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Your Guide To Planning A Graduation Party

Graduations and graduation parties are right around the corner so our blog this month is going to be your guide and our favorite ideas to throwing a graduation party. 

First, you’ll want to choose a venue. Whether it be your backyard or the school gym. If you are choosing another location, you will have to check their availability when choosing a date. Overall, the date might be the hardest part as you’ll have other parties to plan around. 

Next, you’ll want to create a guest list and send invitations. You should plan to invite family and friends as well as anyone that has played a role in making your high school/junior high/college experience what it was. Invites can be sent out by either creating a Facebook page or sending out paper invites in the mail. 

As you plan your party, you could choose a theme but you do not necessarily need one. Themes could include things like a pool bash, themed food, or you could use your high school colors but again, it is not necessary. You’ll need to consider the food as well. You could have the party catered or make all the food yourself but you’ll want to plan simple foods and things you could make ahead of time. 

Lastly, you’ll want to decorate either the day of or the day before but consider finding some fun pictures of your grad to hang up as well as balloons and “Congratulations” banners. 

Along with all these things, consider getting a special wreath made for your grad from us. We can include almost anything to symbolize your grads high school memories. Give us a call or stop in to make your requests.



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